Customer Login with Mobile OTP

Let's make the login process easy and simple for customers.

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Features of Shopify Customer Login with Mobile OTP App

Disable old form

Option to enable and disable default login flow on login page

Customize fields

Option to update labels for the input field and buttons

Update account information

Customer can update their account details after login

Two-Factor Authentication

2FA authentication using OTP login

Code Expiration Time

Option for the set expiration time for the OTP code

Resend code button customization

Option for the customize resent OTP code button

Firebase authentication

Firebase authentication is important for the setup app

Position of the form

Options are available for the form position

About the Customer Login with Mobile OTP App

OTP Login App increases in your store’s customer registration rate and improve customer user experience. Here, the customer only needs to enter their phone number and an OTP that will be send via SMS to their mobile to verify the login. OTP Login app is a highly efficient that not only helps in increase speed for login time, but also offers convenience to customers who often get frustrated in remembering difficult login credentials.

Associate Existing Account with Phone Number

Customers who have already registered can link their existing accounts with their phone numbers. This allows them to easily login into their existing accounts through OTP verification. The OTP Login app makes it easy for both new and existing customers to login through a fast and secure OTP verification method.

New User Registration

New users can easily register with your store by verifying their email and phone numbers at once. Afterward, they can either login using OTP or choose to use the email and password.

Auto Detect & Display Country Code

OTP Login app automatically detects the user’s location and pre-fills the country code of the customers’ phone number.

Pricing & Plans


Basic Plan

  • 100 Login Session
  • Free to install
  • No extra SMS cost
$4.99/ Month


  • Unlimited Login Session
  • Free to install
  • No extra SMS cost